MB Fountain is at risk of destruction

MB Fountain is a Thames Barge built to serve as a water carrier, included on the National Register of Historic Vessels and recognised as being of National Significance to Maritime heritage. She served on the Thames until the 1990’s, when she was sold out of service.

She is unique and one of the last extant ships built at Yarwoods Shipyard

She has been laying on the river Colne on the Suffolk / Essex border for a number of years as a static museum ship. Due to loss of safe mooring, she is at imminent risk of destruction – so it’s time to do something!

We want to make Fountain seaworthy again

In order to accomplish this, Fountain will need pilotage, a full dry dock assessment, and any repairs that are necessary to make her seaworthy again. Some of the works won’t be able to be fully assessed until she makes it to drydock, but we do know that she will at the very least need antifouling, new sea cocks, and some hull plates replaced, as well as an engine overhaul – as her engine has not been turned for some time.

Please help us to preserve this historic ship and unique piece of maritime heritage

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What YOU can do to help:

We need lots of support and materials. If you can please donate as every donation, large or small, will go toward saving Fountain.

Please spread the word.
The more people know, the more chance we have of saving Fountain.

Please share on social media via twitter & face book and please let friends, family and contacts know what is happening!

We've had some amazing offers of support showing that people do care about Maritime heritage and Historic ships. We have an offer for crew to help us move, some of whom have will be coming out of retirement to offer their skills and experience. Lets make this happen!

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